Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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~ Just aware coz sometimes we will also offer “FREE DELIVER”.

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~ You are encouraged to check on sizes and colors before confirmation. Feel free to ask.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Entry

Happy New Year 2010 and 1431 Hijrah. New Year - New Hope - New Commitment - New Mood - New Perception - New Me.

And hope that all of u out there having a great moment in 2009 bring it together to capture in 2010.

For me lots of things need to be done, need to be materialize. Pray for that.

See u again....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tips & Trick

Ada orang cakap...pakai cardigan nampak cam pakai baju lam pantang jer....hehehe any comments?
Emmm i don't know that but i notice something when u want to look a little bit different u can try something new or at least change a bit of your style..

Oklah to my friends out there...some tips to share. Ni pun cedok2 gak dari web lain....sebab nak carik idea tulis sendiri malas :) sorry ya. And many thanks to the website yg dicedok...i think they want to share too...

Here we go :

Long Cardigan...(saya ada jual gak yer heheheh)

contoh cam gambar nih....

* It works at any age and in any environment, be it school, the mall, the office or for an evening out.

*The trick is wearing the right length, with the right accompanying pieces.

*The accompanying must-haves? Close-fitting clothes. Wear it over a pencil skirt, slim pants or leggings to keep down the bulk. And women with more curves should probably wear it unbuttoned, in a lightweight knit, she says. For a slimming line, wear a silky top tucked into slim pants or a skirt.

*Layer the cardigan over top. Leave it open, but cinch it with a narrow belt to emphasize the waist. If the pieces are black or neutral, punch them up with a purple or red belt. Otherwise, stick to a black belt in patent or a snakeskin print.

*Heavier-weight cardigans with bigger buttons look more casual and should be paired with jeans.


* There's a lot way to style it. Some cardigans tend to look classic, simple, nice, sweet yet mature. But choose your style try to look comfy on it.

* No hard rules whether you should wear it button, wear it open. It all on your personal style. Just give it a try.

All kind of cardigan...

Saya punya....

Colours : Grey, Black, White (RM55)


Colours : Dark Brown, White, Rich green as in picture (RM55)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Silence Lamb

Don't misunderstood with the title yeah.....

Tapinya mana si kiutbox ni pegi...memang dah senyap sunyi....sampai dah habih raya dah ni...heheheh apa sudah jadik???
I'm still living yer viewers heheh and still actively doing my business online & offline...alhamdulillah. Cumanya lately kesempatan nak amik gambar tu tak...apatah lagi nak what i'm doing is lelongan secara offline.

Oklah ada org tanya apa yg new update let me show u something that i have here.

Tudung instant...yg ni ada koleksi bercorak dan jugak plain...plain with silk awning...very nice!
Harga of course berpatutan...

For tudung corak only RM30 and plain silk awning RM38. Setakat ni dah banyak kali gak repeat order, dari segi kualiti kain untuk yg plain jenis material lycra gred cantik..tak mudah renyuk.
Macam tu jugak dengan jenis bercorak...ada yg takyah iron pun mcm yg corak daun2 biru tuh...

Postage will be RM5 Poslaju.

Tengok gambar dulu lah...


Baju Kurung Pahang pun ada gak....yg macam koleksi raya tu....ingat tak??

Nanti i load corak yer....

Sesapa nak order any items kat atas...jgn malu2...0133035068 or email