Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tips & Trick

Ada orang cakap...pakai cardigan nampak cam pakai baju lam pantang jer....hehehe any comments?
Emmm i don't know that but i notice something when u want to look a little bit different u can try something new or at least change a bit of your style..

Oklah to my friends out there...some tips to share. Ni pun cedok2 gak dari web lain....sebab nak carik idea tulis sendiri malas :) sorry ya. And many thanks to the website yg dicedok...i think they want to share too...

Here we go :

Long Cardigan...(saya ada jual gak yer heheheh)

contoh cam gambar nih....

* It works at any age and in any environment, be it school, the mall, the office or for an evening out.

*The trick is wearing the right length, with the right accompanying pieces.

*The accompanying must-haves? Close-fitting clothes. Wear it over a pencil skirt, slim pants or leggings to keep down the bulk. And women with more curves should probably wear it unbuttoned, in a lightweight knit, she says. For a slimming line, wear a silky top tucked into slim pants or a skirt.

*Layer the cardigan over top. Leave it open, but cinch it with a narrow belt to emphasize the waist. If the pieces are black or neutral, punch them up with a purple or red belt. Otherwise, stick to a black belt in patent or a snakeskin print.

*Heavier-weight cardigans with bigger buttons look more casual and should be paired with jeans.


* There's a lot way to style it. Some cardigans tend to look classic, simple, nice, sweet yet mature. But choose your style try to look comfy on it.

* No hard rules whether you should wear it button, wear it open. It all on your personal style. Just give it a try.

All kind of cardigan...

Saya punya....

Colours : Grey, Black, White (RM55)


Colours : Dark Brown, White, Rich green as in picture (RM55)

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  1. erm..msih jual lg x?
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