Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Basic Part on "Tudung"/Hijab

I still remember last 2007 when I first saw this beautiful usefull "anak tudung" or basic cap for hijab in one of this "Kedai Borong". Immediately i grabbed it! The truth is that anak tudung is for my problem solving when it comes to rasa-nak-pakai-selendang time. I love it so much until now!
And of course i do share with my buyer this usefull anak tudung. The orders come to me like....WOW!! seriously i keep repeating this order until kedai ittew tambah n tambah lagi order hehehhe....and alhamdullilah it's help me and help others too. So i just share with u all here the usefull anak tudung ha.....hehheh but no repeating order becoz kilang pun x keluarkan dah. :)

Dear Beb...i'm using u as my model again....heheh sorry aaaa...but u are trully my beloved model la...heheh

The look with selendang panjang

Then ada la satu 2 jenis lagi tudung that can work as anak tudung....which i name as my daughter Alisha....siap ada version lagi....heheh ni antara version 2, sampai sekarang ada orang request maybe it complement certain faces and people like it for the simplicity.

And i'm selling this cotton/tshirt material anak tudung too, the one material from well know company (MR J) heheh the cutting which i try an error and i think fit for anak tudung. This is the sample of anak tudung cotton tshirt. Menyerap peluh dan agak selesa utk outing. Untuk anak2 remaja pun amat sesuai...nice with jeans and leisure to go outfit. U can order this one as this is hand made (heheh sume tudung pun kena hand made kan....aparaaa) becoz colours are limited. And price only RM25.

And this is the new version of anak tudung that u can order from KiutBox. I call it tudung S (for Small) that u can wear as anak tudung/inner or just tuck in ur blazer/jacket. It's very usefull to those beginner in "Tudung/Hijab". At least u have one in u'r closet for emergency or "nak ubah tema" hehhe. Advice from any of tudung styling expert also include inner as must have item and make sure that it's match your face, material is good and comfy, the colours is universal (for first timer).

New version of tudung mudah....i just admire the fabric...nak beli kain jer dah mahal jenis ni hehehh so beli jer from supplier....the price..kiutbox selling it at RM25.

And also anak tudung bercorak, to fill in the mix n match item. It is just RM17..wanna have try? This one also tak kemek punya tudung....hehehhe

And...girls if u have any special request or nak cari yang kena ngan muka....just shout me...or email me....we can have a special chat.

So till then.....daaaaa

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